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[NEWS] Actress Who Played Junsu’s Counterpart in Mozart! Says Junsu Was the Exception to the Rule

Jung Sunah, rising musical actress who played the counterpart to Junsu in Mozart!, had an interview in which she mentioned Junsu in a positive way:


“I think I became known to the general public when I played the counterpart to JYJ’s Junsu. At that time my fans increased a lot.”


When asked (by the interviewer) whether she “has any complaints as a musical actress when actors without experience but have gained popularity on TV easily take the lead roles in musicals,” she immediately answered: “I really hate it.”

“I’ve come to wear colored glasses (with regards to matters like that). For those actors and singers who were cast (on musicals despite lack of experience) like that, one could perhaps say that they are just doing what they are commanded to do by their companies. But in those cases I’ve seldom seen them meld into the regular cast and have fun… Ok Juhyun and Kim Junsu were diligent and put in such effort that they were exceptions (to the rule). But there were many times that I wondered ‘why did they cast this person’.”

(Parts unrelated to Junsu omitted)

Source: Kukmin Ilbo
Translation Credit: JYJ3

[NEWS] TVXQ to Perform in Australia along with other K-Pop Artists

Australia is the next continent to get an all-star K-Pop visit.  Ten of K-Pop’s most popular idol groups will participate in the “K-Pop Music Fest,” to be held at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney on Saturday, November 12th.

2AM, 4Minute, BEAST, CN Blue, DBSK, Kara, missA, Secret, SHINee and SNSD are slated to perform for their fans Down Under, as announced by Sydney-and-Melbourne-based media outlet SBS Pop Asia.  The event is in cooperation with JK Entertainment and will be broadcast on Korean TV channel MBC.

Soompi earlier reported the booming popularity of K-Pop in the different continents, including its surge in South America.  Just the past month, idol groups under the management of SM Entertainment staged a two-night successful SMTOWN World Tour Live in Paris.  In August, Incheon will play host to a superstar gathering intended to boost tourism from Japan.  This upcoming event in Australia is a testament to K-Pop’s standing in the growth of Hallyu worldwide.

Source: Soompi News
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Yunho - Kiss & Cry ep. 8 Unseen Scene

Yoochun – Kanstyle Magazine Vol 13 Preview

The magazine will be released on 7/12 (source: sharingyoochun)

Yoochun – Kanstyle Magazine Vol 13 Preview

The magazine will be released on 7/12 (source: sharingyoochun)

[SPOILER: Miss Ripley] Yoochun goes topless

JYJ’s Yoochun will finally be revealing his muscular body in the upcoming 13th episode of MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley‘!

Yoochun’s character has always been known as a caring and considerate one, but that will all change once he finds out about Lee Da Hae’s lie. Left in pain and agony over his love for her, Yoochun becomes swept in being forced to make the right decision. The shower scene marks a turning point in Yoochun’s character, as it’s an expression of his desire to shed his caring image and to be reborn.

The scene was filmed at a hotel in Namsan, Seoul, on July 8th, and it was said that he didn’t feel any pressure about baring himself for the cuts. Staff were especially surprised with the level of concentration he showed and the many different emotions he was able to express in one short shower scene.

Hilariously, the female staff were reported to have shouted in disagreement once the director yelled out “OK”, signaling the end of the cut. The male staff turned the entire set into a sea of laughter by jokingly remarking, “Stop staring at him!”

Producers said, “This sene is one where we can see his misery once he finds out the truth about Lee Da Hae. He’ll make a complete 180 degree change in image, and Yoochun himself is making an effort to bring those changes justice. Viewers will be able to see his transformation in the 13th and 14th episodes.”

Source: TV Daily via Nate+ allkpop
Photos: sharingyoochun, JYJ3

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