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[NEWS] TVXQ to Perform in Australia along with other K-Pop Artists

Australia is the next continent to get an all-star K-Pop visit.  Ten of K-Pop’s most popular idol groups will participate in the “K-Pop Music Fest,” to be held at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney on Saturday, November 12th.

2AM, 4Minute, BEAST, CN Blue, DBSK, Kara, missA, Secret, SHINee and SNSD are slated to perform for their fans Down Under, as announced by Sydney-and-Melbourne-based media outlet SBS Pop Asia.  The event is in cooperation with JK Entertainment and will be broadcast on Korean TV channel MBC.

Soompi earlier reported the booming popularity of K-Pop in the different continents, including its surge in South America.  Just the past month, idol groups under the management of SM Entertainment staged a two-night successful SMTOWN World Tour Live in Paris.  In August, Incheon will play host to a superstar gathering intended to boost tourism from Japan.  This upcoming event in Australia is a testament to K-Pop’s standing in the growth of Hallyu worldwide.

Source: Soompi News
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Yunho - Kiss & Cry ep. 8 Unseen Scene

110711 TVXQ’s HoMin - Super Star PV Preview+Making

[NEWS] New Song ‘Superstar’ Premium Campaign!

A Campaign for customers who purchase New Song “Superstar (released on July 20)”!!!

Individuals who purchase either two of the target products will get a chance to win the following prizes!!

Prize A: 15,000 lucky winners will get a “Superstar Pass A”
Prize B: 15,000 lucky winners will get a “Superstar Pass B”
Prize C: 50 lucky winners will get an “Autographed poster”

Apply for your favorite Prize!!

See below for the details.

What’s a “Superstar Pass”?
Your one-of-a-kind card with unique serial number.
※The serial number is embossed on your card like a credit card.
   [Superstar Pass A ]    [Superstar Pass B]
Different photos are printed on “Superstar Pass A” and “Superstar Pass B”!!

[Special Prize]
Prize A: 15,000 lucky winners will get a “Superstar Pass A”
Prize B: 15,000 lucky winners will get a “Superstar Pass B”
Prize C: 50 lucky winners will get an “Autographed poster”

More Chance! Get an original item using the serial number!!!!
“Superstar Pass A” serial number ⇒ “Thank you my girl” ringtone!!
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※ Only accessible via i-mode/Yahoo! mobile/EZweb.
※ Not accessible via smartphones (iPhone/XPERIA etc).
※ Not accessible via some mobile phones or under some environment.。

[How to apply]

(How to fill in the postcard)

Individuals who purchase either two of the target products will get a chance to win original product. 15,000 lucky winners will win “Superstar Pass A” or “Superstar Pass B” and 50 lucky winners will win an autographed poster!! Each postcard application must include your name, age, gender, address and postal code, telephone number and your favorite Prize. Also cut out bar-cords from OBI strips of the two target products and paste them on the postcard (see the picture).

※ Each application must consist of two different kinds of target products (confirm that the product codes on the bottom of the two OBI strips are different).
Examples of valid combinations: “CD+DVD” and “CD”, “mumo version” and “seven&I version”
Examples of invalid combinations: “CD+DVD” and “CD+DVD”, “mumo version” and “mumo version”
※ Please note the OBI strips sent are not returned.
※ Any postcards that are incomplete will not be accepted.
※ One application per postcard.
※ Avex will not be responsible for late applications or applications that do not arrive due to a postal accident.
※ Personal information collected will not be used for any purpose other than sending a Prize.
※ Applicants are responsible with the postage for the postcard application.
※ The Prize will be shipped between the middle to the end of August. Winners will receive the prize without prior announcement.

[Send a postcard to]
“Tohoshinki “Superstar” Premium Campaign group
Poste Restante
Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
107-8770 Japan

[Application period]
The application must be postmarked by July 26, 2011
※Any applications received outside the above application period are void..

[Target Products]
“Superstar” to be released on July 20
■CD+DVD [First Press Limited Edition] [Normal Edition]: AVCK-79027/B
■CD [First Press Limited Edition] [Normal Edition]: AVCK-79028
■mu-mo version AVC1-79029:
■Seven & i version: AVC1-79032/B

Source: Tohoshinki official homepage
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[TRANS] Tohoshinki’s Rolling Stone Aug. Interview

Rolling Stone August Issue, Interview with Tohoshinki


As you may be well aware, Tohoshinki has come back to us with Yunho and Changmin. They have shown a complete comeback with their single, ‘WHY (KYHD).’ But that power is still evident in their new single ‘Superstar.’ NO, still evident doesn’t fit it. Their presence has never been this strong. One and Only. Yes, like a Superstar that Rules the Entire Asia.

Achieving the highest status in Korea as an artist didn’t satisfy them enough, Tohoshinki has learned Japanese from scratch to come to the music scene of J-POP. Again, reached to the very top. Their presence and status are that of complete difference compared to all other Korean artists.

We wanted to ask these tough minds about their thoughts as entertainers. But usually, these interviews with artists have many restrictions in terms of hearing their actual thoughts. The interview room filled with staffs, an ordinal scene of any interviews. And in reality, right now, as the two walked into the shooting scene, there are many staffs surrounding them. I personally was preparing for a tense shooting scene. My expectations turned out to be wrong. In a good way.

In between the shootings, Yunho played with a dog that one of the Rolling Stone staffs brought to onsite. Changmin was talking comfortably with the staffs.

Yunho’s shooting finished first. He came to see me in the interview room, where I was waiting for the two to finish shooting. Started a conversation with a heartwarming smile on his face, “I love Rock. I love listening to hard rock, like Linkin Park.” So, with this frank conversation, an interview of a superstar, leading Asia, began.

Yunho: “Regardless of the Circumstances, I Put All I Have. That’s How the Emotions are Created”

Changmin: “I Tell Myself: ‘Don’t You Dare Get Scared.”

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